Kids Love the Toddler Program in Our Grand Forks Child Care Center

We’re All About Toddlers!

All About Kids’ toddler program is designed for children from around 18 months through 3 years old. Having mastered many of the basics, children in this age group have typically developed some independence and are ready to refine those skills. Utilizing The Creative Curriculum, our warm and responsive staff will introduce a series of structured routines, such as meal time preparation, picking up toys, and potty training, all of which encourage your child to properly and confidently engage in the world around them. Each day, your child will acquire and enhance skills in sharing, patience, and language.

Your Toddler Will Grow in 4 Key Areas


Your little one is developing problem-solving skills that require memory, attentiveness, creativity, and working things out. We’ll help to build these skills with activities such as sorting lids, matching pictures, sink or float games, mixing colors, and moving at different speeds (fast, like a rabbit; slow, like a turtle).


Developing language skills involves reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Your toddler’s language skills will grow as he/she enjoys pastimes like story time, tickling a teddy bear, singing songs, animal match, pretend play, B-I-N-G-O, puppets, and more.


Your toddler is developing feelings about him/herself and toward other people. We’ll teach your child to make friends and develop social skills that will help him/her to interact appropriately in the world. Activities include, a teddy bear picnic, the freeze song, color hop, books about feelings, copy-cat, the feelings game, and more.

Physical (gross and fine)

While your toddler’s height and weight growth has slowed, his/her fine motor skills are really beginning to develop. We’ll encourage these skills with fun and exciting games, such as Jump Frog Jump, ring toss, beachball kick, Follow the Footprints, Fill’er Up, balloon toss, and puzzles, as well as activities like drawing with pencils, riding tricycle, marble painting, and using scissors.

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