Is Your Child Ready for Preschool in Grand Forks, ND?

We’re All About Preschool!

All About Kids, Inc. is a licensed preschool facility in Grand Forks, ND. Our program is open to children from approximately 3-5 years of age. By the time your child is a preschooler, he/she has probably developed many skills and is quite independent! Our preschool classroom provides opportunities for your child to prepare for kindergarten, not the least of which is interacting with peers in a healthy way. We’ll work with your preschooler to develop social skills, fine-tune motor skills, and interact with his/her peers before they enter the school setting. Your child will participate in activities that encourage their social skills, enhance motor skills, and inspire their creativity.

Preschoolers Love Our Fun Learning Opportunities

Fine Motor Skills

Your child will develop muscles in his/her fingers and hands that will enable him/her to draw shapes with a crayon as well as button, zip, or unzip clothing. We’ll even work on tying shoes when appropriate. Activities will include puzzles, cutting, stringing beads, pegboards, and Legos.

Gross Motor Skills

Using larger muscles, your child will develop motor skills that allow him/her to climb stairs using alternating steps, skipping, pedaling, jumping over low objects, and playing catch.

Cognitive, Language, Social, and Creative Skills

We’ll encourage development in these areas with the following activities:

  • Art
    Art provides children with a creative outlet to express their thoughts and feelings, as well as reinforce fine motor skills, social skills, colors, self-esteem, and size concepts.
  • Dramatic Play
    Imagination grows exponentially though dramatic play. It also helps children develop problem solving skills as it builds self-esteem, increases vocabulary, and hones social skills. Best of all, it’s fun!
  • Music
    Rhythm, tempo, and volume encourage auditory learning in preschoolers, promotes creativity, helps to develop math skills, and is a terrific outlet for emotions.
  • Science and Sensory
    Your preschooler will learn to explore, observe, document, predict, and experiment with our science and sensory activities.
  • Block Play
    Preschoolers build fine motor skills through block activities, which also help them understand spatial relationships, size, shape, counting, social skills, and classification.
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