The Ideal Infant Program for Families in Grand Forks, ND

We’re All About Infants!

All About Kids’ infant program was created for children from birth through approximately 18 months of age. Each of our infant classrooms are staffed with a full-time teacher who has typically earned an education-related degree and has two or more years of experience. Our loving staff provides individualized lessons, which is based on your child’s developmental cues and designed to help them navigate their senses and enlarge their language skills, while allowing your little one to set his/her own sleep and eating schedule. Your infant’s unique needs will be met in a warm and encouraging environment where his/her physical, emotional, and social well-being is paramount.

We Concentrate on 4 Areas of Growth & Development

When you pick your child up, you will receive a daily online report to keep abreast of his/her activities. Our curriculum revolves around 4 key areas, which concentrate on cognitive, language, social and emotional, and physical development. Our daily activities are fun and exciting for infants, and may include:


Tools such as mobiles, rattles, a ball, and tube and basic shape sorters, as well as games such as imitation, Peek-a-Boo, and Where is It? will help your child to think, explore, and problem solve.


Long before your child speaks their first word, they are already doing a lot of communicating. We will help them develop language skills that will help them communicate effectively. Our care givers will spend plenty of time each day reading, echoing animal sounds, playing Pat-a-Cake, One-Two, Buckle My Shoe, puppets, and more! And of course, we’ll provide lots of explanations along the way.


Before speech patterns develop, emotions are an infant’s only way to communicate with the world. We’ll help your infant develop a solid social and emotional balance through activities such as labeling emotions, playing with friends, singing, washing babies, and All About Me (family pictures).

Physical (gross and fine)

Infants learn so much in their first year and a half of life, beginning with focusing their vision, reaching for objects, rolling over, crawling, and finally, walking. We’ll help them learn to explore the world around them as they develop physically. Activities include things like Tummy Time, grasping games, rolling over, games, simple puzzles, scribbling with crayons, and basket throw.

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