Kids Love our curriculum at All About Kids!

From Birth Through Preschool, Our Curriculum is All About Kids!

Your child’s educational success begins long before kindergarten. At All About Kids, Inc., we believe that each child under our care should be celebrated as an individual and encouraged to develop to their full potential through creative and educational experiences that are appropriate to their current stage of development. Utilizing a play based curriculum, we ensure your child will learn new things daily through play and exploration.

Our Curriculum is Tailored to Your Child’s Needs

Our staff will observe your child as they learn, and they will develop the following week’s lessons according to how they are progressing. This means that children who need extra help will receive it, while those who have mastered skills will not have to repeat them.

  • Engaging classroom environments
  • Individualized curriculum based on your child’s skill level
  • Captivating learning experiences
  • Independence is encouraged
  • Inclusiveness is celebrated

Weekly Full-Time Tuition

Infant Program: $356
Toddler Program: $316
Preschool Program: $289

For part-time tuition: Please contact for rates.

We Welcome Families to Engage with Us

We encourage family involvement in each child’s care, and we provide opportunities to participate in parent/child activities and center-wide events throughout the year. Two annual parent-teacher conferences help you to gain a full understanding of your child’s development as we work together to decide the best way to encourage him/her to advance to the next level.

If you have any questions regarding our curriculum, or would like to discuss how our child care center may benefit your family, please contact us today.

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