Toddler Program in Grand Forks ND

The toddler program serves children ages around 18 months through 3. In the toddler program we start to encourage every child's independence by introducing her to self help skills, such as getting ready for meal times, picking up toys, and potty-training. The toddler program is also where your child will start to take part in more group activities that help them learn how to share, encourage patience, and enhances their language skills.

Areas of development and activities we use to promote them:

Cognitive: Sorting lids, picture match, sink or float, mixing colors, Move like a..., moving fast moving slow.

Language: Story time, tickling a teddy bear, singing songs, animal match, pretend play, B-I-N-G-O, puppets.

Social/Emotional: Teddy bear picnic, The freeze song, color hop, books about feelings, Copy cat, feelings game.

Motor Skills (gross and fine): Jump Frog Jump, ring toss, beach ball kick, Follow the footprints, Fill'er up, drawing with pencils, trike riding, balloon toss, marble painting, cutting, puzzles.