Preschool in Grand Forks ND

All About Kids is a licensed preschool facility. Children ages 3-5 are welcome to participate in our preschool program.

Preschool is a great opportunity for your child to interact with his/her peers before they enter the school setting. Your child will participate in activities that encourage their social skills, enhances motor skills, and encourages them to use their imagination!

Typical activities and learning centers that you will see in the preschool program:

Get-together time: This is a period of time where the children come together and listen to stories, participate in finger plays, listen to music, sing songs, have puppet shows, etc. Get-together time fosters social skills, creativity, and expands their attention.

Gross motor: This includes running, jumping, climbing, skipping, and playing catch. Gross motor activities give children the opportunity to use their muscles and their imaginations.

Fine Motor: This includes puzzles, cutting, stringing beads, pegboards, and legos. Fine motor activities help improve small muscle development as well as eye hand coordination.

Art: Art activities help preschoolers creatively express their thoughts and feelings. They help reinforce fine motor skills, social skills, colors, self-esteem, and size concepts.

Dramatic Play: Dramatic play activities encourage children to use their imagination. They also help children work through real problems, build self esteem, expand their vocabulary, as well as improve their social skills. But most of all it is just plain fun!

Music: Areas we will explore are rhythm, tempo, and volume. Music activities promote a preschooler's ability to be auditory learner, to be creative in all academic areas, and to also enhance social-emotional abilities.

Science and Sensory: Science and sensory activities allow preschoolers to explore, observe, document, predict, and experiment.

Block Play: Block activities allow preschoolers to enhance fine motor skills. Block activities also allow children to deal with the concepts of spatial relationships, size, shape, counting, social skills, and classification.