Infant Program in Grand Forks ND

The infant program is from birth through around 18 months. The program is geared towards your individual needs of your child. The loving staff complete individual lesson plans based on your child's developmental level. Your child will also set their own individual eating and sleeping schedule. A Today Sheet is sent home daily so that you know exactly what your infant did that day!

Areas of development and activities we use to promote them:

Cognitive: Mobiles, imitation, rattles, Peek-a-boo, Where is it?, basic shape sorters, ball and tube.

Language: Reading, Pat-a-cake, One, two, buckle my shoe!, animal sounds, puppets, lots of explanation.

Social/Emotional: Labeling emotions, playing with friends, All About Me (family pictures), washing babies, singing

Physical (gross and fine): Tummy Time, grasping games, rolling over, activity games, simple puzzles, scribbling with crayons, basket throw.